You get the same exhilarating international rhythms, but actually burn a few more calories because you add weights* or Toning Sticks* to get your arms toned!  *Zumba® Toning sticks can be purchased from the instructor OR you can bring your own (no more than 3 lbs per hand)! No weights/sticks needed for your very first class!  


A high intensity interval training type class that has NO DANCING - perfect to do with your husband/boyfriend! Every move is synchronized to the music, using your own body weight to get stronger and BURN CALORIES! Please bring a Yoga mat.

STRONG by Zumba®

Fitness Nutrition

Why should only adults have all the fun?  Now, kids can join in the Zumba® party, too!  Whether through Young Audiences VA or directly, Rita can come to your child's school to teach Zumba® Kids after school! Interested? Send an Email!  

Zumba® Kids 

          Class/Service Descriptions

​          Classes are for all levels, taught by Rita Cohen

Zumba® Toning

This one hour class uses Africa moves to sweat and have a BLAST with African Music! From traditional to Afrobeats, it's Afro FUN! Come and get your African H(ealthy) E(nergetic) A(uthentic) T(ransformation) ON!

African HEAT

Want to maximize your workouts and get truly fit? Kick it up a notch with nutritional counseling! Sometimes, what AND how you eat is that final push to losing and keeping off those extra pounds. Get a consultation, a grocery shopping trip, meal plan, and/or monthly unlimited fitness classes!

Come dance and burn calories for an exhilarating experience!  You burn hundreds of calories in one hour while moving your body to international rhythms with fitness variations that'll get your heart pumping and your spirits soaring!